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How to Protect Yourself This Winter? Can the Mask Be Taken Off?

Dec. 23, 2020

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, wearing masks, especially Kn95 Masks, has become a habit in people's daily lives. However, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, reporters found that more people did not wear masks when they went out, or even refused to wear masks when they entered public places.

Entering winter, the global epidemic of new crown pneumonia has accelerated. The number of sources of imported cases abroad has been increasing, and the risk of transmission has further increased. Local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia have also appeared in many places across the country. At the same time, winter is also a season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases and a period of high incidence of viral pneumonia. This winter's epidemic prevention and control may face a major test.

How should ordinary people protect themselves this winter? Disposable Mask Suppliers urge that if you have taken off your mask, please remember to wear it back, and everyone will work together to survive this winter.

Medical Face Mask

Medical Face Mask

What should I do if I am worried about the overlapping of new crown pneumonia and influenza in autumn and winter?

The superposition of diseases such as new coronary pneumonia and influenza is certain, and this problem has always existed. At the beginning of this year, because the new coronary pneumonia was mixed with other diseases, some people showed obvious symptoms, but they were excluded because it was the flu.

Is there a bottom line for epidemic prevention and control this winter?

What I have in my mind is knowing what kind of virus it is, but what I have in my mind is worrying that the people's compliance is not very good. In European and American countries, the compliance of the people is poor, and the epidemic is difficult to control without wearing Medical Face Mask. But in China, I'm afraid that in two days everyone's mind will become paralyzed. But with confidence, the new crown pneumonia will not recur like Wuhan. We already know how to deal with it, and we are still very experienced.

Some netizens said that they have taken off the mask for a long time and it is safe. Why do you wear a mask?

Now there are some sporadic cases in the country. Even if it is not the new crown pneumonia or flu, masks have a protective effect against other respiratory diseases. Therefore, we encourage everyone to wear masks and discourage participation in large gatherings. We must "stand through" this winter. Ordinary people may have the opportunity to get a vaccine next year. I hope everyone will stick to wearing masks.

How to protect the public in winter?

The spread of the epidemic was just a flame at the beginning. Many people just saw it on the Internet, and then it was gone in three days and five days. This is because our public health intervention measures are well done. Regarding personal protection, there are three points: wearing a mask is the most important; social distance, keeping more than one meter; personal hygiene, especially washing hands frequently, is the most basic and most effective.

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